Dog Training Rates

Bella E Bravo Kennel

Pointing Dog Training Programs

Puppy Program: $750 (30 days) includes birds
Finish Program: $2250 (3 months) includes $300 bird allowance
Retrieve Program: $900 (4-6 weeks) includes $100 bird allowance

Private Training Sessions

Private one hour session: $30.00 plus birds

Board & Train

Per day: $30 per day plus birds
Per week: $200 per week (includes minimum 5 days of training) plus birds
Per month: $800 per month plus birds

Puppy Program $750.00

In a 30 day period, we can build the foundation that will be used for the rest of his/her life. This program is set up for pups, ages 4 to 6 months and older. During this time, it will be properly introduced to birds (pointing and retrieving), the gun, and the hunting environment. It is imperative that these introductions be done the correct way. If they aren’t, you can expect problems for the rest of the dog’s life. Our goal with your pup during the 30 days, is to bring out it’s natural ability to point and retrieve. If it’s there, we will find it in them. If it’s not, you will know early in the dog’s life. Many people use this program as an evaluation process for young dogs. It saves a lot of time and money, by knowing early on what you have. In this 30 day program , we will introduce your pup to birds and the hunting environment, teach him to point properly, he will learn the HERE command properly and to understand and respond correctly to the electronic collar. He will learn to HANDLE in the field, turn to his name and learn to go with you while hunting. He will learn to come to a whistle. He be CORRECTLY introduced to the GUN. (This is the area where many dogs are ruined if done improperly. ) Weather permitting dogs will be introduced to water. We play retrieve with every dog at the end of each training session. This not only acts as a reward but will encourage and help develop whatever level of retrieving instinct that dog may possess. This will enhance his natural instinct to retrieve and often will help to turn him into a dependable retriever , thus being able to avoid force-training later. At the end of the 30 day puppy program, if your dog has the instincts, you will have a dog that you can take hunting. He will point birds, you can feel safe shooting over the dog, and hopefully retrieve on land and water. He will handle and understand the “here” command. The PUPPY PROGRAM does not teach WHOA. This is a confidence building program for young dogs and this is not the place to put this type of restriction on these pups. The puppy program is limited to a small number of dogs each month.

Retrieve Program $900.00

Our retrieve program is designed for the hunter or hunt test enthusiast who needs a dependable retrieve. Whether you plan to hunt or test we will send you home with a dog that will reliably and consistently retrieve. This is typically a four to six week program. However, the amount of time this training takes is solely dependent upon the progress of your dog. At Bella e Bravo Kennel we use the least amount of pressure to gain success and build your dogs confidence so that your dog will know they must retrieve but still enjoys doing so.

Finish Program $2250.00

90 days to a finished steady to wing and shot dog. This program includes everything except force training to retrieve. $300 bird allowance included with 3 month program (minimum of 60 shot quail).

Gun Dog

The price for the gun dog training is $800 per month, includes $100 bird allowance. Training customized for your personal hunting style.