Bella E Bravo History

We proudly hunt, show and breed the Di Morghengo line of Spinone Italiano (Guido’s dogs).

Our kennel name translates from Italian to “Beauty and Natural Ability.” Our goal is to be a Spinone Italiano breeder providing proven hunting Spinone with correct confirmation.

We will always be grateful to Guido and Margaret for the wonderful pedigrees behind our Italian Spinone foundation stock.

We fell in love with the breed in 2001 when we saw 4 young Spinoni Italiano puppies at our local hunt club. In our quest for a puppy, we found long time Spinoni Italiano breeder Guido Malandruccolo and Margaret Coe. We became great friends and they mentored us with their distinguished di Morghengo line. We purchased our first Spinone Italiano, Sophie, from Guido in 2003. We would soon find out she was the reason we fell so much in love with this breed. Not only was Sophie an exceptional hunter, achieving a NAVHDA Prize 1 Utility title, she was a family member. Sophie was the quintessential Spinone Italiano. Her temperament was dripping with sweetness, always wanting to be a part of the party, whether going in the truck, swimming in our pond, having her favorite chair, or her place in our bed. Over the next two years we were fortunate enough to acquire our foundation bitches from Guido. Lucy and Maggie who started us on our Bella e Bravo journey.

About The Spinone Italiano

The SCOA website has great information about the Spinone Italiano. Links to their website and articles here:

The SCOA website explains the breed: "This big dog, with its unique profile, strong build, thick skin, wiry coat, rough beard and large, cushy nose, is a distinctive animal. But what most often draws people's attention are the soft, sweet, almost-human eyes that gravely watch you from beneath its eyebrows.
The Spinone is a versatile hunting dog, which means that it is bred and trained to dependably search for and point game, to retrieve on both land and water, and to track wounded game on both land and water. While the Spinone was bred to hunt, it is a breed that can be enjoyed in many other activities such as showing, agility, obedience and therapy work to name a few."